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Morphe First Impressions

So, here it is. My first make up review, and, even though its currently 1am, I'm feeling motivated to get my first post up. Before I start I want to just give a very important shout out my best friend Caitlyn, for constantly nagging me to start this blog, her blog is called Passionatemind and I want to recommend any of my followers to look at her reviews and posts!
Ok, without rambling on, lets start this. 
I'm doing a review on two products I got a few months ago from Morphe, I use them both daily for  my make up and I absolutely love them, however there are a few flaws. I brought the Morphe 35B Colour Glam Eyeshadow palette (on the right) and set 680-10 piece vegan brushes (seen below) from the official website back in February, little did I know that ordering products from America to England is not cheap, if any of my followers want to order products like this, and are from the UK I would strongly recommend looking on Beautybay or Cultbeauty first. It will save you a lot o…

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